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Whether you are seeking individual therapy for yourself, couples therapy for your relationship, or therapy for your child or teen, we will work with you to eliminate the problems you are facing while also strengthening your relationships.

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We have experience helping clients facing a variety of issues and incorporating an array of therapy techniques in the treatment process. See below for more detailed information about our specialties and treatment methods.

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A child therapist and child playing in a Houston, TX 77077 therapy office.

Child & Teen Therapy

We offer a number of different therapy modalities to support children and teens, including Play Therapy, Child Therapy for Anxiety, PTSD & Trauma, Behaviour Issues, and ADHD, as well as Teen Therapy.

Adult Therapy

When it comes to adults, BPC provides individual therapy in the Houston, TX area for a wide range of mental health concerns including PTSD & Trauma, Grief Counseling, Therapy for Moms, Anxiety Treatment and more.

A therapist and client sitting in an office.
A couple meeting with a therapist for couples and marriage counseling.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

All couples have some level of conflict, but therapy can help you and your partner learn ways to manage that conflict. Let BPC help you commit to each other and rebuild your mutual respect, trust, fondness, and affection.

Group Therapy

If you’re looking to address your challenges in a warm, supportive group setting, we offer a number of group therapy options to suit various schedules and needs.

Parent Counseling

The parent therapy component of treatment services includes both parent therapy sessions and parent-child therapy sessions.