Parent Counseling

All couples have some level of conflict, but we can help you and your partner learn ways to manage that conflict. Let BPC help you commit to each other and rebuild your mutual respect, trust, fondness, and affection.

Parenting isn’t exactly what you expected…

You knew parenting would be difficult, but you just didn’t understand exactly what that meant. You never imagined parenting would be so hard, but every day seems to be an unending challenge. And you’re not sure if you and your child will ever be close again.

You’re hoping to feel like a loving family again. To look at your child with pride and admiration in your eyes rather than fear and worry. But you’re just not sure how to get through the emotional and behavioral problems that keep you separated.

An image representing a parent working on being with their child after attending parent therapy.

Will Parent Counseling or Co-Parent Counseling help?

It’s hard to remember the last time you and your spouse enjoyed each other’s company? Or the last time you felt connected with your child in a meaningful way? Maybe you’re struggling to co-parent with an ex and find yourself in constant conflict?

You long for a time when spending an afternoon together was easy and fun. Now it’s a matter of navigating meltdowns, tantrums, and outbursts. You have such high hopes for your child and your family, but in all honesty, that hope seems it is slipping away.

Lately, everything about parenting feels like fighting through a battleground with no safe refuge in sight. You are wondering if things will ever improve or if you’ll ever feel like a competent parent again. You’re terrified your child will continue to struggle socially. You are worried that your relationship with each other will continue to feel strained. What’s more, outsiders are starting to comment on your child’s behavior. It is frustrating how others seem to be quick to judge and not much help with a solution.

Worrying about your family’s future is starting to wear you down. You’ve tried all the tricks up your sleeve. You have read your share of parenting self-help books and articles. Although you have given it your best efforts you things are still not improving in your home.

You find yourself wondering if your family is ever going to get through this…

A lot of the time you feel hopeless and like you’re yelling all the time. You know that your reactions are only making things worse. Nothing you do seems to work, and you’re starting to feel like you don’t even know who your child is anymore. You’ve even stopped going to social gatherings because of the embarrassment your child’s behavior might cause. You just never know what humiliating meltdown might happen next.

You truly want that once-in-a-lifetime relationship with your child. The one where you’re each other’s best friends and confidants. You want to be able to enjoy the simple things together, rather than having to work so hard just to get some semblance of connection. But you have no idea what more you can do. You never imagined you’d feel so distant from someone you love so deeply. And you certainly didn’t expect you’d be so worried about your child’s mental health and wellbeing.

There is hope, life doesn’t have to continue this way. Let us help your family heal and work together the way you always imaged it would be.

  • Loneliness, anxiety, anger, frustration, or sadness
  • A sense that your home life is chaotic and full of negativity and disappointmentPoor communication and feeling stuck in conflicts
  • Emotional distanceLack of trust and feelings of being taken advantage of
  • A sense that you are on verge of separation
  • Problems sexually with your partner and needing a safe place to address these concerns
  • The devastation of infidelity
  • Disagreements on different parenting styles, money, roles in the home, or lack of affection
An image representing parents at the beginning stages of parent counseling.
An image representing parents utilizing skills learned in parenting therapy at Brittani Persha Counseling.

When You Seek Parent Counseling Services from Brittani Persha Counseling You Will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your child and their unique needs
  • Enjoy spending time together again and you will feel more connected to each other
  • Learn new skills and tools to bring you both closer together
  • Feel more comfortable and confident in your strengths as a parent
  • Have a firmer grasp on how to guide your child according to their developmental age and needs.
  • Learn communication tools that work so you and your child continue to progress in your relationship

Goals of Parent Counseling Services

Our family & parent therapy services are intended to:

  • Help you feel more competent as a parent
  • Better recognize your child’s cues prior to a meltdown
  • Have the tools necessary to address your child’s needs,

What to Expect in the Parent Counseling Process

The parent therapy component of treatment services includes both parent therapy sessions and parent-child therapy sessions. Through the parent counseling sessions, you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of your triggers
  • Learn tools to effectively respond to the difficult behaviors
  • Increase understanding of your child’s individualized needs and effective ways to respond to those needs.

Then, during joint sessions with your child, you will put these new skills into practice.

Parent-Child Therapy is about taking a break from the stressors of everyday life and developing a space where you can enjoy and understand one another.

An image representing a connected child whose parents attended parenting therapy.

What’s involved with Parent Therapy?

Our Parenting Therapy Services are unique.  They incorporate 2 main parts:  

Parenting counseling sessions usually occur once a month. However, depending on the needs of each family are sometimes scheduled more often. These sessions are invaluable to the counseling process and your child’s progress in therapy. The parenting therapy sessions are dedicated time for you and your therapist to :

  • Go over treatment updates
  • Check in about how things are going at home
  • Receive recommendations on how to handle different challenges
  • Explore underlying causes for continued struggles.

It is also a time where we explore your triggers as a parent. Every parent has them…those things your child does that cause an immediate emotional reaction. Our Houston, TX counseling office offer a safe space to process and reflect on your own personal experiences and how they are impacting the parent-child dynamic.

Whether your child is acting out, adjusting to adoption, recovering from a parents divorce or trying to cope with ADHD, our family and child counseling services can help.

This is where BPC is unique compared to most other child therapy practices! We view the parent-child relationship as the foundation of good mental health treatment. We dedicate a portion of the child therapy sessions to improving this connection with your child. During this special playtime, we do a variety of things including:

  • Develop playful connection rituals
  • Learn about big feelings together
  • Practice different ways to communicate
  • Explore whats underneath behaviors (in a safe and play-based way).

Our clients (both parents and children) come to really look forward to this time where they are able to reconnect. Previous parents we have worked with have stated how much they learned about themselves through this unique family therapy process. Through our parent-child counseling services, we make use of play and relationship-based tools. Parents and children form a deeper connection, understand their children in a deeper way and have a whole different outlook of their child

The playroom is a place where children are free to explore and express themselves. When facilitated by a trained play therapist, play becomes the focus of emotional healing.

Our therapy services include play therapy, family therapy, parent therapy, parent-child relationship therapy, sand tray therapy, and coping skill development. We’ll identify the ways of thinking and acting that fuel your child’s emotional symptoms, and we will also spend time exploring your child’s development and beliefs that are contributing to their negative coping patterns.

We will strive to help you both recognize and intervene in negative cycles and learn new patterns of relating to each other.

As you and your child begin healing your relationship, you can expect that you will both be able to better express emotions, ask for what you need, and cope better when your emotions become overwhelming.

Our Parent Counseling Services are best for families who want to uncover and understand the obstacles that keep them stuck in negative cycles.

Often, the parent-child relationship becomes strained when there are misunderstandings within a family. It is our job to work together to help your family share information with each other in a healthy and healing way.  Once we can determine what is at the root of the disconnection, we can better understand how to help you and your child heal and resolve the behaviors that have driven you apart.

You will benefit from the Parenting Services offered at BPC if you:

  • Want to better connect with your child and understand what’s inside their heart
  • Are tired of feeling the tension in your relationship with your child
  • Have a child that is behaving aggressively, and you don’t know where to turn
  • Feel like you are yelling all of the time
  • Have lost your sense of pleasure when spending time with your child

These situations include, but are not limited to parents who who:

  • Want a quick fix
  • Do not want to be a part of the process
  • View the problems as only the child’s issues
  • Desire to simply put a bandage over the issue but not dig out the rotten roots
  • Want us “to fix” their child

If you are currently experiencing any of these issues, our therapists can provide you with appropriate referrals for your level of care.

What is Your Parenting Style?

Are you curious about how BPC might be able to help support your growth as a parent?  One of the components of our Parenting Program is exploring what your personal parenting style is.  Check out this short video to get a great introduction to different types of parenting styles.

What Do our Parent & Family Counseling Services Cost? Where are We Located and What is the Scheduling Process?

Our parent & family counseling services are a fee for service program, and we accept all major forms of payment. You can learn more about our fees, payment options and Insurance providers on our Rates & Insurance Page.

Our office is conveniently located in the Energy Corridor of Houston, Texas. We are a few minutes south of I-10 on Memorial Dr, in between Dairy Ashford and Eldridge. Our location is conveniently for families located in the Katy and Houston areas. For more information about our office, scheduling and therapist availability visit our counseling office.

Beginning Parent & Family Therapy Services

You and your child can absolutely break out of the negative patterns that have you both feeling so trapped and stressed. Together, you will be able to grow together and get on the same page as you embrace your ability to play together. It is time for you to reclaim a peaceful family and home life.

Having deep insight into what impacts your child’s behaviors may feel impossible right now. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start to take the small steps necessary to understand. You just need the support of a caring professional to help the two of you reconnect.You will both benefit as we work together to recognize the meanings behind the behaviors and to meet the emotional needs that long to be met in ways appropriate for your child’s developmental stage. And, as a parent, you’ll also shift from feeling helpless and overwhelmed to feeling more in control, more confident, and more encouraged. Ultimately, you and your child will rebuild your healthy relationship and ensure it lasts. We can help.

Call 713-364-8645 or schedule your 20 minute parent consultation appointment today. We are here to help. During your phone consultation, you will speak directly with one of our trained therapists to learn more about our counseling practice and answer any questions you may have.