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Our goal is to help you and your child form stronger bonds and learn effective tools that will lead to long-lasting change for your whole family.

The Story of Brittani Persha Counseling

We are committed to helping you and your family access the right tools and therapy to help you turn your dream of a connected, healthy, happy family into reality.

Founded in 2016, Brittani Persha Counseling has built its reputation on a simple premise: we are committed to supporting you and your family in the best way that works for you.

You’ve wondered if your child needs counseling. You’re exhausted. You’ve spent so much time trying to help your child.

As a parent, all of your efforts goes toward navigating their out-of-control emotions. Your child may struggle with anger, anxiety, or ADHD, and managing those are taking away from your family time. In fact, very little of your parenting energy goes actually to connecting with and enjoying them. It’s heartbreaking to think about how strained your parent-child relationship is.

It’s as if every day is a roller coaster and you’re starting to wonder if your family is ever going to be able to have a happy life. You’ve reached a point where you long for bedtime, just to go to sleep, wake up, and start worrying about your child all over again.

Before you had kids, you imagined what your family life would look like. You pictured yourself taking family trips, exploring and genuinely enjoying your time together. But all of your visions changed when your child couldn’t seem to handle everyday moments. Vacations turned into violent outbursts and trips to the store turned into tantrums. So, now you’re just trying to make it through the day without feeling like a total failure as a parent.

You can’t see the good in your life without focusing on what’s going wrong. Some days you can’t even motivate your child to leave the house without melting down. Of course, you know that every child has good days and bad, but the outright anger and anxiety your child displays are far beyond what you feel like is “normal”.

You want support as a parent. You are yearning to be a better parent and for family life to feel more positive.

When you look at your family today, you hardly recognize who you’ve become. You’re not the parent you wanted to be. You and your child have very few moments of positive interaction. It’s difficult to enjoy spending time together, and you’re pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

You judge yourself. You’ve got so much on your plate that you can never stop long enough to really try to work through the behavior issues. And this realization makes you feel completely lost and like a terrible parent. As if you’re never going to find a way to help your child learn to manage their emotions and develop tools to help in those difficult moments.

As family therapists and child counseling experts, we’re here to tell you; you’re not alone. Being completely overrun by your child’s emotions does not make you a terrible parent. You’re not the only one to feel like the life you knew is gone now that you have a child who is struggling. It is possible to determine exactly what’s behind the behavior issues and understand your child’s core needs. Child counseling, parent support, and family therapy services can help you regain your sense of balance and happiness as a family.

our therapists understand Child behavior!

Your child is not supposed to have life all figured out. Their young brain is growing and changing every day.  They are not developmentally capable of understanding how complex handling their emotions can be. As they learn and grow, coping can be quite a challenge. Treating their unwanted behaviors as problems to get rid of, rather than taking the time to understand their true meaning, is keeping your family from moving forward in a happy, healthy way.

But simply trying to support your child in getting along with their peers seems like the right answer because every meltdown, tantrum, and shutdown keeps your family from living an easy, content life. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time as a family. It simply means you might need a little help to recognize how these individual incidents fit into the larger picture of your child’s troubles.

Often, when you’re continually battling with your child’s every action, you can miss the bigger picture of what their play and behaviors are trying to tell you. So much so, that you forget to look at your child as a young person in need of love and guidance.

Why Choose BPC

What Makes Us Unique

When you bring your child or teen to Brittani Persha Counseling, you are bringing them to a group of therapists who believe in helping you tune into your child’s deepest needs. Child, parent & family therapy in our Houston, TX, counseling office will help you learn your child’s preferred methods of communication. Once you reconnect with your child and learn to speak their language, you can decipher what it is their behavior is really trying to say. As you and your child grow through the therapy process, you’ll be better able to help your child recognize when their emotions are too big to handle and come up with appropriate ways of expressing themselves.

At Brittani Persha Counseling, we specialize in therapy services for children from ages 2 to 12 years old. We know that even preschoolers need counseling services sometimes. Our ability to serve children as young as 2 years old in the Houston, TX area makes us unique. We offer counseling services to families of young children, because we know early intervention is often essential for success later in life.

Our team of family therapists and child behavior specialists are dedicated to supporting the whole family, including you as parents. Often it is helpful for other members of the family to receive support when a child is exhibiting behavior problems. In cases like these, two therapists will team up and collaborate to support families so that every individual receives the attention and help they need.

The truth is, all discipline moments are teaching moments. And it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of it all and lose sight that you are your child’s compass in life. Although you’ve had to sacrifice a lot because your child is struggling, you do not have to feel so distant and disconnected from what’s hurting them. Instead, we can help to meet them where they are at.

We treat your whole family, and you are treated like family.

How We Help

Therapies & Modalities We Offer

Child Therapy Services

We offer a wide variety of Child Therapy Sessions that will give your child a safe place to explore their feelings and actions.

Child Trauma & PTSD

When you schedule Child PTSD therapy, your whole family will have the experience of healing and feel stronger as a family.

Teen Counseling Services

Your teen can learn effective coping tools. We can help them gain self-awareness and improve their self-esteem.

Parenting Services

We help you guide your child according to their developmental age and needs and show up for them with loving support.

Adult Trauma & PTSD

Through therapy, you are able to learn new coping tools and mindfulness techniques that help you manage and cope with emotions following trauma and difficult experiences.

Individual Therapy for Adults

Counseling with us can help you let go of the shame and guilt that is so consuming so can live life in the present and feel content with the person you are inside.


Our marriage therapy can help you reconnect with your partner so you can heal from past hurt and learn new, healthier ways of communicating.

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You’re ready to build a bond with your child that is going to help them through their struggles and act as a foundation for their success in the world. Our team of therapists can help you make it happen.