Are you having trouble managing your child's behavior?  Are your child's emotional issues causing stress in your relationship or problems at school?  Have certain life events impacted your child, making things all the more difficult?

Support for the WHOLE FAMILY, with the tough stuff.

Parenting can be such a difficult job and we are here to help!  We combine our play therapy skills with our knowledge of the power of relationships to help children and families grow and heal.  At BPC, we help children and families struggling with unresolved trauma, life transitions, anxiety, anger, depression, grief, ADHD, behavioral problems, divorce and family conflict.

As children, adults, and families, we all face obstacles and experience traumatic events which shape our personalities and behavior.  At BPC, we specialize in in helping clients restore lives shaken by stress and personal challenges.

Our goal is to bring out each child's strengths and support them in recognizing their own personal gifts.  We aim to help children and families restore the connections, security, and trust essential to fulfilling lives.  Also, we support parents in gaining the tools necessary to help their child thrive. Our team helps clients learn about their brain and how to develop tools to best cope with distressing feelings.

Let us support your child and family in beginning to live the life you were meant to live!

Our practice provides therapy from a holistic perspective, integrating the emotional, cognitive, biological, neurological, social, environmental and spiritual aspects of each individual and family.

Schedule a FREE 20 minute phone consultation and see if we are the right fit for you and your family.