Adult Therapy in houston, tx

As a Houston area family counseling center, BPC treats all members of the family from the preschooler through the grandparents. When it comes to adults, BPC provides individual therapy in the Houston, TX area for a wide range of mental health concerns.

Negative feelings and perceptions consume your thoughts and are impacting your happiness, your relationships, and your career.

You are feeling stuck and unhappy with how your life is going. Maybe you are struggling with anxiety or depression and are looking for help and relief.

Does this sound like you? Are you looking for adult therapy services in the Houston area? If so Brittani Persha Counseling is here to help you with individual therapy for adults in Houston, TX.

We understand that life often veers off course and can throw us into obstacles we were never prepared to face. As children, we are often taught that happiness is easily attained and this is our expectation of adulthood. Well as you know, this could not be farther from the truth.

At BPC, we believe that there are times when we all struggle to feel good about life. Perhaps you are currently going through one of these seasons in your life and are struggling with feelings of loss, sadness, loneliness, anger, anxiety, or regret that seem to have no end. You are not alone in your struggle. As a Houston area family counseling center, BPC treats all members of the family from the preschooler to the grandparents. When it comes to adults, BPC provides individual therapy in the Houston, TX area for a wide range of mental health concerns. Below are a few of the many mental health concerns our therapists provide counseling services.

Image of a Mother holding her baby representing someone who has attended postpartum therapy and is feeling connected to her child.

Therapy for Moms

Motherhood can be such a joyful and stressful time in a woman’s life. Your expectations and your reality of motherhood may be very different from each other and every women’s journey is unique and different. Becoming a parent also triggers a lot of feelings and experiences from our own childhood. Even if you had what you consider to be a “picture perfect childhood” the pressures and experiences of being parent takes its toll. Maybe your childhood was less then ideal and now that you have had children of your own childhood memories keep impacting your ability to parent your children the way you always dreamed you would.

Motherhood is also often accompanied with never-ending to-do lists, overwhelming shame and guilt and complete neglect of your own needs. Our therapists, support moms everyday. In counseling, you will work through the challenges of motherhood, achieve a healthier life balance and find yourself again. Your never-ending to-do list doesn’t have to run your life. You can say no without feeling guilty. In fact, we strongly believe it is completely possible to take really good care of others and also meet your own needs. The mental health experts at Brittani Persha Counseling can help.

PTSD/Trauma Therapy

At BPC, many of our therapists have extensive experience in working with trauma and PTSD. Our therapists have participated in trauma-focused training. In fact, we offer one of the most effective PTSD treatments around called EMDR. One thing we have learned from our experience in working with trauma is that everyone has experienced some degree of trauma in their lives. Trauma can be triggered by incredibly frightening events such as relational abuse, a serious car accident, or childhood abuse or neglect. It can also result from more chronic forms of stress such as emotional neglect, shame, and bullying. PTSD is also caused by grief, divorce, and unexpected life changes.

Symptoms of PTSD can include hypervigilance, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, depression, or feeling disconnected from others. Trauma treatment begins with a full counseling assessment. Afterward, our therapists will recommend a treatment plan to help you get unstuck and move forward with your life. In addressing one’s trauma, it is helpful to work with someone who understands how to navigate the emotions and memories that come up, helping you feel safe and empowered throughout the process. Our trauma therapy typically begins with a focus on gaining coping tools, mindfulness, an increase in self-awareness, and relaxation techniques. Next, we move on to treat meeting the trauma itself. We treat anxiety through EMDR, sand tray therapy, expressive therapies, and talk therapy. Trauma therapy is hard work, but with counseling healing is possible. With supportive, effective trauma treatment you can find calm, overcome your fear and move forward with your life.

Individual representing someone who is processing Trauma in an Adult Therapy Session.
An individual representing someone who is struggling with symptoms of grief.

Grief Counseling

Grief is a unique to each person and it is a process that can take weeks to years. Unfortunately, grief is unavoidable and impacts all of us at some point in our life. Grief therapy provides you the opportunity to share your story and process your feelings of anger, questioning and disbelief. Our therapists provide a safe place for you to process your loss and this can be very powerful. Grief therapy helps you express all the feelings in thoughts we hold so close to our heart and also learn to direct our focus to the love you feel for the person.

Through grief counseling at Brittani Persha Counseling, you will begin to feel happy again while also holding the person in your heart. Your loved one will always hold a special place in your heart. However, with help and love, you can get to a place where you embrace the positive memories and are also able to move forward.

Anxiety Treatment

Do you find yourself feeling anxious for no reason? Or maybe you know what’s causing your anxiety and find yourself avoiding those situations. Maybe you’ve even had anxiety or panic attacks. You are not alone in your anxiety. In fact, Anxiety is one of the most common mental health struggles. It is also incredibly treatable. Whether you are struggling with panic attacks, stress, chronic tension, OCD, phobias, social anxiety, or chronic butterflies anxiety can be crippling and pervasively impact your quality of life. Resolving your anxious feelings not only brings peace and clarity. This healing also frees up wasted energy that can be put toward creating the life you desire.

Brittani Persha Counseling offers anxiety treatment for both children and adults. Our expert therapists help people reduce their anxious feelings. Anxiety treatment gives you an array of powerful tools. Some of the anxiety coping skills might include mindfulness, breathing and relaxation techniques, and emotional processing to understand and heal the root of their anxious feelings. With our anxiety treatment services, you will learn coping tools and gradually face your anxieties gradually with the support of a caring therapist. Although it can be scary at first, the freedom you will experience is well worth it.

An individual representing someone struggling with anxiety and beginning to use coping skills learned in anxiety counseling.
An image representing individuals preparing for major life changes after attending Therapy and learning skills to prepare and cope.

Adjusting to Unexpected Life Changes

The end of a relationship, beginning college, divorce, moving to a new city, changing jobs, or any other major change can feel overwhelming. If your normal ways of coping do not seem to be working it might be time to reach out to a therapist for help. We understand that change is difficult. Transitions, even positive ones, mean that you have to find a new normal. We’ll work together with you to process your feelings and find new ways to approach and cope with these changes. Rather than continuing to feel lost and stuck, consider contacting Brittani Persha Counseling today. We can find the right therapist who can partner with you and help support and guide you during this time of transition.

Adult therapy for Depression

Have you noticed that you have less energy than usual? Do you feel down or sad much of the time? You know you’re feeling depressed but aren’t sure what to do about it. Depression is incredibly hard to live with and the symptoms of depression can feel crushing. People often describe it as living life in a bit of a fog and feelings as thou life is passing you by. Your depression makes it hard to feel hopeful.

Depression is actually pretty common, and our caring therapists are experts at treating depression. We are here to tell you that you can HEAL from depression. Our counselors are here to help. Our skilled therapists are trained in specific techniques that are very effective at helping you overcome your depression. Through counseling, you can begin to feel more like yourself again.

An image representing an individual who is beginning depression counseling. Our counselors provide help for depression at our office in Houston or to anyone throughout Texas through online counseling.
Photo of a happy young woman representing someone who has attended counseling for College transition and is feeling excited about life after reducing her symptoms of anxiety.

Therapy for College Students

Adjusting to the many changes that come along with college can feel overwhelming. Many college students can cope better with stress, feel more confident and move forward in a meaningful way by working with a skilled therapist. We often work with student from University of Houston, Sam Houston State University and other nearby schools to help college students get the most out of their college experience. Our college counseling services are tailored to your individual needs. Our therapy services can help you get the most out of your college experience and fully prepare you for life after graduations.

What You Can Expect from Our Adult Therapy Services

Our time on Earth can be both sour and sweet, and no one is handed happiness on a silver platter. Experiencing life fully involves feeling both joy and sorrow. In fact, we cannot know one without the other. Our approach to counseling begins in a safe environment free of judgment and comparison. Feeling safe is essential to being able to tell your story so you are able to move through the challenges that brought you here.

At BPC, our therapy approach is largely influenced by the work of Brene Brown. Brene teaches us to live authentically, develop shame resilience, lean into discomfort, embrace all the parts of ourselves (even the parts that we may try to hide from those around us), and live a wholehearted life. Through individual therapy, we help you stop being just a character in your story which often leads to feelings of helplessness. Instead, we support you in becoming the author of your story. Taking charge of your life and writing your own daring ending.

Beginning Individual Adult Therapy at Brittani Persha Counseling.

It is possible to experience relief, change, and become the author of your story. If you are ready to begin your therapy journey contact us today. Brittani Persha Counseling supports clients in the Houston and Katy Texas area from all different walks of life.

If you are interested, but still unsure if this is what you are needing feel free to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation today. Speak directly with one of our skilled therapists and find out if this is the support you have been looking for.

An adult attending a therapy session with grandchildren to learn how to support them.