Couples & Marriage Counseling

All couples have some level of conflict, but we can help you and your partner learn ways to manage that conflict. Let BPC help you commit to each other and rebuild your mutual respect, trust, fondness, and affection.

There is hope for you and your partner to have a healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationship!

The bond and connection you once shared with your partner feels like a distant memory. You are not sure when things started to shift, but there is no denying the disconnect you feel. And what is even more concerning is that you have no idea what to do to get back the special connection and passion you once had for each other.

Your hoping to feel that spark in your relationship again. You have noticed a pattern of not attending to attempts to talk or to be romantic. You want to be able to talk to your partner, but it seems like every time you start to try, things quickly turn very hostile. This is causing you to avoid your partner, which makes you feel alone and isolated. You are unsure how to talk to your partner about differences of opinion regarding parenting, finances, and commitment. Perhaps you feel you have to walk on eggshells around your partner, fearing that what you say or do might cause a fight.

Marriage Therapy & Counseling Can Help!

You miss your partner. You still care deeply about your significant other, but your relationship is a bit of a mess at the moment. The arguing has taken a toll. At any given time, you are either putting a lot of energy into avoiding conflict or in the middle of an exhausting heated exchange. You feel disconnected. Maybe you worry your marriage or relationship won’t survive. You’ve thought about couples counseling but something is holding you back.

Relationships are extremely complex. Given this complexity it is understandable that they can be so challenging at times. Each partner has their own past experiences and distinct family of origin issues. In addition, your needs and expectations of the relationship may be in different from your spouse/partner. This can lead to a relationship that is full of dissatisfaction or painful interactions.

You and your partner may be experiencing:

  • Loneliness, anxiety, anger, frustration, or sadness
  • A sense that your home life is chaotic and full of negativity and disappointmentPoor communication and feeling stuck in conflicts
  • Emotional distanceLack of trust and feelings of being taken advantage of
  • A sense that you are on verge of separation
  • Problems sexually with your partner and needing a safe place to address these concerns
  • The devastation of infidelity
  • Disagreements on different parenting styles, money, roles in the home, or lack of affection

Negative Cycle in Relationships

The good news is that with relationship counseling, you and your partner can learn to identify and break the negative communication cycle that’s developed. Our relationship therapists are experts at helping you identify and explore your communication patterns. In the therapy room, you and your counselor will take a closer look at your relationship. You’ll begin to identify the negative patterns in your relationship that you and your partner would like to change. After you have a clear picture of these patterns, you and your spouse can begin to make change in your relationship with the support of your couples therapist.

In short, couples counseling has saved countless marriages and serious relationships in the past. With the help of a skilled therapist, you can learn to interact in a new, healthy way.

Emotionally Focused Therapy: Repair Your Marriage

Brittani Persha Counseling Offers Couples Counseling that WORKS

At Brittani Persha Counseling, our therapists often use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) as a framework for relationship counseling. Emotionally Focused Therapy is empirically proven to be the most effective model of couples therapy in the world. Studies show that 85-90% of couples who have received Emotionally Focused Therapy report significant improvement in relationship satisfaction. Emotionally Focused Therapy helps couples establish the kind of strong, secure bond that helps partners experience a safe, loving and fulfilling relationship. In other words, Emotionally Focused Therapy is a very effective form of couples counseling.

Emotionally Focused Therapy interprets distress in a relationship. Sometimes this distance seemed to happen overnight and other times it built up slowly over time. Regardless, it is the result of a threat or rupture of the emotional bond or “connection” between partners. When this occurs, couples are left with coping mechanisms that throw us into negative cycles or “dance” that highjacks the relationship.  The result is emotional distance between the couple. Unfortunately, negative relationship cycles result in expressions of frustration, resentment, criticism and anger. Ultimately, our goal in relationship counseling is to help you interrupt and change these cycles.

Brittani Persha Counseling we use Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples reconnect.

We helps couples identify and understand the choreography of the negative dance that drives them apart and blocks the free flow of love, understanding and empathy between them.

Once a therapist helps you map out your relationship “cycle,” couples are able to:

  • Correctly identify each other’s emotional cues
  • Safely and effectively express their needs
  • Discover a new way of reinforcing and strengthening the kind of secure emotional bond we all long for

At BPC, we aim to transform relationships and help couples experience each other with empathy, understanding and love.

Begin Couples Counseling in Houston, TX 77077

How would your life be different if you felt connected to your spouse or partner again? What difference would it make in your life to feel understood by and connected to your partner again?

Or what would happen in your relationship if you don’t begin couples counseling? Where is this road your relationship is currently on taking you?

As a Houston, TX Counseling Clinic, Brittani Persha Counseling offers effective therapy services for the entire family. We want to help your family be as strong and emotionally healthy as possible! Our therapists offer mental health services for the entire family. This includes play therapy for children, individual therapy for adults, counseling for teenagers, family therapy and of course couples counseling. As a result of our education and professional experience, we believe in the power of counseling. Our skilled mental health professionals can help your entire family. In short, Brittani Persha Counseling therapists can help you, your spouse & your family be the best version of yourselves.

If you live in the Houston area and are ready to begin couples counseling, please reach out to schedule a free 20 minute consultation over the phone. Our counseling office is located in the Memorial Area near the Energy Corridor. However, our location is convenient for couples coming from the Katy, TX area as well.

Our family & marriage therapists are here to help you look to your future as a couple when you are ready!