Laura Guerra


LPC, Spanish Speaking, EMDR-Trained

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Hi, I’m Laura!

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I attended The University of Texas in Austin, Texas (Hook’em Horns!) where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Thereafter, I attended The University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, an institute where Play Therapy instruction is highly renowned due to its incredible leadership consisting of many well-known Play Therapists in the nation. I specialized in child and adolescent counseling and earned my Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling while at UNT.

I am the youngest and only girl of four in my family, and I have lived in the Houston area most of my life. Most of my family is in the medical field, and through my own lived experiences and adversities, I discovered counseling and believe that it is my true purpose. Through my own personal experiences with adversities (mostly surrounding loss/grief), I have learned to deeply value the healing process on a personal level. We are all human, and we often feel very strong emotions that can sometimes be hard to talk through and truly process. Although working through our feelings is challenging, it is equally healing. Children can have an even harder time expressing their thoughts and feelings, which is why I am extremely passionate about the work I do through Play Therapy. My goal is to provide the guidance and the space that children and their families need to grow and heal.

A vital piece of my counseling practice is creating a space of empathy, acceptance, understanding, and safety. I primarily work from a humanistic theoretical perspective known as Child Centered Play Therapy, which is a play-based modality that is developmentally responsive and allows a child to process their feelings, emotions, and thoughts in their mastered language: play! This type of approach focuses on the needs of the child and allows them to be the leaders of their session. However, I believe that counseling is not meant to be a one size fits all experience, so I regularly bring in a variety of modalities depending on what I feel is best for each individual client and make adjustments as I see necessary. I am also EMDR-Trained, and this is a modality that works wonderfully for certain presenting concerns such as trauma.

My therapeutic experience includes providing therapy services at a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Agency. I supported young children and adolescents impacted directly or indirectly by trauma. Such traumas can be debilitating and leave individuals feeling hopeless. Through the therapeutic processes, I provided a space in which my clients felt heard, understood, and safe. In this safe place children and adolescents are able to sort through their emotions and experiences as they begin the healing process.

I also have experience supporting parents and have led several parenting groups known as Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), where in 10 weeks, I essentially train parents on the various ways they can continue to do work with their children from home through basic play-therapy skills that, we as counselors, who work with kiddos, learn and master! This group is great for parents who are wanting to build the relationship they have with their kiddo, for those who want to learn how to establish limits in a way that is not damaging to the relationship, and for any parent that is curious to see how they can adjust their approaches or language to better suit the needs of their children. In addition, I also enjoy working with adolescents and adults. A few of the concerns that I work with include anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship problems, and low self-esteem.

If you have any questions about me or about counseling at Brittani Persha Counseling, please feel free to contact me. The most efficient way to learn more about our therapy services is to schedule a free phone consultation. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!