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Hi, I’m Juliet!

Hello! My name is Juliet Duralde, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and play therapist at Brittani Persha Counseling. I grew up in Southern California on the sunny coast halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. I love California but feel so lucky to call a vibrant city like Houston my new home!

I began my college education studying environmental sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Soon after, I earned my Master of Arts in Counseling from Chapman University in Southern California. My degree prepared me to serve as both a school counselor and clinical therapist. In the last semester of graduate school, I worked as a full-time elementary school counselor. I feel excited to use my background in school counseling as a tool to empower families and children to feel their best and advocate for their needs at home and at school.

After spending the first twenty years of my life battling various forms and symptoms of anxiety, my family and I felt defeated, uncertain, and wondering where to turn. I am the capable and healthy person that I am today because I found therapy. I chose to study counseling so that I could help children and families feel understood, validated, and safe as they navigate their mental health and wellness journeys.

Neuroscience tells us that play is therapeutic for children because it allows the thinking parts of their brains (left hemisphere) to connect with the feeling and creative parts (right hemisphere). This integration of the mind allows them to express deeply felt emotions and needs they may not even realize they had. In a safe and therapeutic play space, children working with a play therapist will have the freedom to find healing, growth, and connection with self and others.

As a clinician training to earn my play therapist certification, I incorporate several play-based modalities into my practice. This includes Sand Tray therapy, child-centered (non-directive) play therapy, and attachment-based play therapy. I help young children, early teens, and parents navigate the impacts of trauma, low self-esteem/social anxiety, anxiety, depression, and other struggles in the safe, nonjudgmental, and nurturing environment of my playroom.

Juliet is trained to provide Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). ART follows a specific protocol meant to guide clients through processing, changing, and replacing the negative images and emotions attached to their traumatic memory(s). During the ART session, the clinician guides the client through a succession of eye movements. Incorporating eye movements to the protocol allows clients to change the images and sensations associated with their trauma more quickly and successfully. Accelerated Resolution Therapy treats a variety of issues including post-traumatic stress, specific phobias, anxiety, OCD, addiction, depression, and more. It is recognized as an evidence-based therapy by the American Psychology Association (APA). For more information, please visit: https://acceleratedresolutiontherapy.com/what-is-art/  

Please reach out to Juliet to learn if ART is right for you. 

Please reach out if you have any questions about play therapy or would like to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation. I look forward to working with you!