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Hi, I’m Christina!

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) currently under supervision for my clinical social work license. In 2009, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders from Central Michigan University, and in 2022, I earned my Master of Social Work from The University of Houston.
During the time between my degrees, I gained experience working with neurodivergent children and their families in many different capacities as a speech-language pathologist assistant, registered behavior technician, social skills camp director, and educator. Most recently, I worked as a therapeutic coach at a school for children with neurological differences. All of my experiences have shown me the importance of connection, play, and sensory integration in successfully working with any population.
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 I am passionate about supporting neurodivergent children, teens, young adults, and their families. I strive to help individuals and their families build upon their strengths and learn new strategies to not just better cope with the challenges they face but to thrive in a world that is not always built for their success. As a neurodiversity-affirming therapist, I believe in celebrating the differences that each unique person has and harnessing their strengths to enact change.
 In my work with Autistic individuals, I enjoy helping them to understand their diagnosis and to begin creating a healthy narrative about what it means to them. I utilize play, art, music, games, and sensory integration in sessions; these provide opportunities for children to process their experiences and learn about themselves in a healthy, safe way.
It is also important for me to offer support to caregivers. A diagnosis of Autism may feel overwhelming and frightening, but this diagnosis does not mean that your child will not live a happy, fulfilling life. For children whose behaviors present a safety challenge in the community, or children whose behavior is quite disruptive at home or in school, I offer behavior support as well. As a team, we can work to support your child and help him/ her build confidence and connect with the world in a way that feels fulfilling.

As a clinician training to earn my play therapist certification, I incorporate several play-based modalities into my practice. These include sand tray therapy, Gestalt play therapy, and attachment-based play therapy. I help young children, early teens, and parents navigate the impacts of neurodiversity, trauma, anxiety, and other struggles in a safe, impartial, and caring playroom environment.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, please reach out. I look forward to beginning this journey with you