Play Therapy Solutions for ADHD: Houston Therapist’s Insights

Understanding ADHD in Children

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a common diagnosis affecting roughly 9% of all children. ADHD impacts a child’s ability to focus, control impulses, and regulate activity levels. There are two subtypes to ADHD: inattentive and hyperactive. The inattentive subtype is characterized challenges in sustaining attention, making careless mistakes, and organizing tasks. The hyperactive-impulsive subtype is characterized by restlessness, impulsive decisions, and difficulty waiting for turns.

A woman sitting on a couch with children playing around her. ADHD can impact the entire family. You do not have to struggle with your child's ADHD alone. Start ADHD therapy at BPC today.

Beyond behavioral difficulties, ADHD can significantly affect a child’s academic performance and social interactions. Academic challenges may arise from difficulties in focusing on tasks, following instructions, and completing assignments. Socially, impulsive behavior can impact a child’s ability to form positive relationships with peers, teachers, and family members. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for implementing effective strategies and interventions, such as play therapy, tailored to the unique needs of children with ADHD. Our therapists at Brittani Persha Counseling have extensive training and experience meeting the needs of ADHD children.

The Power of Play Therapy for ADHD

Play therapy is a specialized form of counseling that utilizes children’s primary language, play, to help children learn how to express themselves, develop coping skills, increase self confidence, and more. In the context of ADHD, play therapy becomes a valuable tool for addressing the core symptoms by providing a structured and supportive environment for growth.

  1. Engaging the ADHD Mind: Play therapy engages the ADHD mind by incorporating activities that cater to the individual’s need for movement and sensory stimulation. Through interactive games and creative activities, our Houston-based therapy practice taps into the therapeutic potential of play to capture attention and facilitate meaningful connections.
  2. Building Focus and Concentration: Play therapy sessions at Brittani Persha Counseling are designed to enhance focus and concentration. Our expert play therapists guide individuals with ADHD through activities that promote attention-building skills, helping them develop strategies for improved concentration both in and outside the therapy room.
  3. Emotional Regulation Through Play: ADHD often comes with emotional challenges. Play therapy offers a safe space for individuals to explore and regulate their emotions through play. Our therapists use a variety of techniques to help clients identify and express their feelings, fostering emotional intelligence and resilience.

how The Therapists at BPC Can Help

Our team of experienced play therapists at Brittani Persha Counseling are committed to providing personalized and effective play therapy solutions for children with ADHD in Houston. Here’s how our practice can support you and your family on the journey to managing your child’s ADHD:

  1. Individualized Treatment Plans: We understand that each person’s experience with ADHD is unique. Our therapists create individualized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs and strengths of each client, ensuring a targeted and effective approach to play therapy.
  2. Collaborative Family Support: ADHD often impacts the entire family dynamic. We emphasize collaborative family support, involving parents and caregivers in the therapeutic process. Our goal is to equip families with tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of ADHD together.
  3. Skill-Building for Long-Term Success: Beyond the therapy sessions, our focus is on skill-building for long-term success. Through play therapy, we empower individuals with ADHD to develop coping mechanisms, organizational skills, and resilience that extend into their daily lives.
  4. Collaboration of Care with Schools: At BPC we believe in your child’s success in all environments, including school. Our therapists work hand in hand with your child’s teacher and/or school counselor to implement classroom strategies and accommodations to meet the unique needs of your child.

Beginning ADHD Therapy at Brittani Persha Counseling in Houston, TX

You don’t have to continue struggling to parent a child with symptoms of ADHD. If you want to take the first step towards a happier child and a better-functioning family, our child therapists at Brittani Persha Counseling in Houston, TX are here to help. 

Ready to begin child therapy for ADHD? Give us a call at 713-364-8645 or schedule a free phone consultation to get connected with one of our child counselors!

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